iPhone 14.. This is all we know about the expected Apple Phone 

Media reports have been promoting some leaks about the Apple phone expected later this year, under the name “iPhone 14”.

And the site “Toms Guide” said that the iPhone 14 may come with a completely different design from all previous Apple versions, while some hint at the possibility of returning “Touch ID”.

the design

The source stated that the giant American company wants to make a “big leap” in the iPhone , which has not seen any noticeable transformation since the iPhone 11 Pro.

To date, not much information has been leaked about the expected design, but it is likely that the flat edges that we see in the “iPhone 13” will be preserved, while the new device may rely on three cameras built into the back, in a form similar to the “Galaxy S22 Ultra”. .

There is also talk of a titanium chassis , which would make the “iPhone 14 Pro” stronger and lighter than its predecessor, according to “Toms Guide”.


The new phone may come in different colors, which are black, white, pale peach and dark green.

the screen

The source did not rule out that Apple would adhere to the same screen sizes , as the “iPhone 14 Pro” will come with a 6.1-inch screen, and the “iPhone 14 Pro Max” with 6.7 inches.


Observers ruled out that the American company would provide 4 versions of its new phone, as they suggested that it would dispense with both the regular and “mini” version, and be satisfied with the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “ iPhone 14 Pro Max”.

Prices and launch date

Toms Guide expects Apple to unveil its new phone next September, that is, after about 7 months, and prices may start from $ 999 (iPhone 14 Pro).

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