A shooting in broad daylight on a street in New York 

A video clip has emerged showing the moment a sanitation worker was shot at close range in broad daylight on the sidewalk of a busy street in the American city of New York.

The video shows the shooter (a man in a yellow jacket) pulling out his rifle and firing three shots as he walks toward the sanitation worker, who falls onto the sidewalk while a woman is heard screaming in the background. Then the shooter fled the scene in a car.

Police said the worker was shot in the leg and that his injury was not “life-threatening”.Video

Another video , taken moments before the shooting, shows police say it was a feud between the worker and his daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

The sanitation worker was seen grabbing a man and knocking him to the ground, then repeatedly kicking him in the head while he was lying on the sidewalk. It is not clear if the man is on the ground shouting “Don’t do that”, while the former continues to brutally beat him.

A New York Police spokeswoman told the New York Post that the shooting took place around 11 am outside the man’s daughter’s apartment after the scuffle broke out.

Police said they do not yet know who fired the shot, noting that the suspect fled in the victim’s black Mercedes. The worker was taken to hospital as a result of being shot in the left thigh. 

Source: “New York Post”

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