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Medical study : Changed toenails are evidence of a ‘silent killer’

A recent medical study stated that changing the shape of the toenails sometimes means that a person suffers from the presence of a “silent killer” in his body without knowing it.

The British newspaper The Sun quoted a recent medical study that there are two specific types of symptoms that appear on the toenails , and they mean that you have high cholesterol .

However, you should not always be afraid, in some cases there is nothing at all, and it is nothing more than evidence of a defect in the diet as a result of not eating enough calcium, but when you notice that your toenails have become brittle or slow growing without any change In your lifestyle, this is something worth checking out.

The study indicated that cholesterol is a fatty substance that accumulates in the blood when a person follows a poor diet, lack of exercise, as well as drinking alcohol and smoking.

 When large amounts of this substance accumulate, it clogs the blood vessels, and some have no idea that they have this condition, leading to serious complications such as a heart attack.

The British Heart Foundation says: “It’s an invisible risk factor which means it happens without us knowing until it’s too late.”

The accumulation of high levels of cholesterol can lead to the appearance of marks on the toenails, due to the lack of blood flow.

Therefore, your toenails can give you a clue that you have this serious condition, along with other signs such as cramping in your feet and legs or a change in skin color.

These are all symptoms of peripheral vascular disease, which is a complication of high cholesterol , and this calls for a doctor’s immediate review.

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