Trump Trolled Over Ron DeSantis Threat In Taunting ‘What’s The Matter, Donald?’ Ad

Former President Donald Trump is mocked for his reported rift with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over their possible rival 2024 runs for the White House in a taunting new ad.

The spot from the Remove Ron group mocks Trump over DeSantis’ refusal, so far, to rule out a presidential bid. “What’s the matter, Donald?” asks the narrator in the video shared online Friday. “Is it something Ron said? Or perhaps something he hasn’t said yet? Am I right, Donald?”

“Rumor is, you’re still waiting for those magic words from Ron,” the voiceover continues. “Isn’t that so, Donald? But after all this time, if Ron weren’t thinking of challenging you for president, don’t you think he would have told you by now?”

The ad warns Trump, who’s dismissed reports of a souring in tensions between the pair as fake news, that time is running out and that if DeSantis wins re-election as governor, “he’s coming for you.”

The Remove Ron group is “dedicated to taking down Ron DeSantis in 2022,” per its Twitter profile. Its chair is Florida “Grim Reaper” lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder, who took to the state’s beaches to protest DeSantis’ catastrophic handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether the video will have any effect on swing voters continues to be up for debate, though.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.


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