“Advanced battery” .. a Tesla car covers a distance of 1200 km on a single charge

Equipped with an advanced battery, a Tesla car has covered more than 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) on a single charge.

The newspaper “The Independent ” indicated that the new battery was developed by “Our Next Energy”, a startup in Detroit.

The advanced battery enabled the Tesla Model S to travel nearly twice the distance it travels with a regular battery, and thus outperformed most other conventional cars, in terms of the distance that can be covered with a single tank of gasoline or diesel.

The new battery was tested on Michigan roads, and the results achieved “set a new standard for the entire automotive industry,” according to ONE founder and CEO, Mujeeb Ijaz.

“We want to speed up the adoption of electric cars, and end worrying about the distance that can be traveled on a single charge of the battery, which is what hinders most consumers today,” Ijaz said.

Concerns about the distance that electric cars can travel on a single charge of the battery are allayed by building more charging stations on the roads, amid efforts to reduce charging time, according to the newspaper.

It is reported that this new battery, developed by ONE, has an innovative design that contains phosphate, iron and lithium, and the company hopes that it will be used in commercial trucks in the future.

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