North Korea.. Massive internet outage likely caused by attack

North Korea news reported that the Internet was cut off from North Korea for several hours, this Friday morning, as important servers within the country could not be reached.

“Failed communication patterns indicate that North Korea’s IT infrastructure may have been hit by a DDOS attack,” said cybersecurity researcher Junaid Ali, an attempt to make the online service unavailable to users.

He added: “The intermittent connection issues, which come in waves, along with a complete router failure, indicate that this could be a DDOS attack,” explaining that “all email, web and DNS servers in the country were affected by the loss of connectivity.” .

He stressed that “North Korea suffered a complete interruption of the Internet,” noting that “the reason is not caused by a power outage, because there were problems with the connection timeout, a large loss of data, and then the routers were cut off. This would suggest to me that some form of Network stress caused this, and DDOS attacks are a common way to put pressure on a network.”

According to records compiled and reviewed by NK News, North Korean servers and websites hosted on them disappeared from the Internet around 7:40 a.m. KST and remained inaccessible for about four hours. Web domains affected by the disruption included,,,,, and

Source: North Korea News

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