Chinese find water in lunar soil samples

Scientists believe that water most likely appeared in the lunar soil due to the influence of the solar wind.

Chinese scientists have detected water in lunar soil samples transmitted to Earth in December 2020 by the Chang’e-5 probe. This was announced by the Chinese “Xinhua” agency on Saturday, January 8, quoting the results of a study published in the scientific journal Science Advances.

According to an article published by the magazine, the samples contain, according to the assessment of scientists, 120 parts per million of water. The magazine also indicated that the majority of water molecules appeared in the lunar soil due to the influence of the solar wind.

It is reported that the Changzheng-5 rocket was launched to the moon on November 24, 2020, from Wenchang Spaceport on Hainan Island, the Chinese Chang’e-5 probe, whose capsule landed on Earth after returning from the moon in the Inner Mongolia region in the north of the country. The probe delivered to Earth 1,731 grams of lunar rock samples.

It is noteworthy that China became the first country during the past 44 years that carried out the mission of transporting geological rock samples from the surface of the moon.

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