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Healthy habits to enjoy a Youthful Appearance after Sixty years!

With simple and easy steps, you can slow down the clockwise rotation and prevent early signs of aging

No matter how much efforts are made to combat it, the clock cannot yet be stopped to prevent aging. Scientists have not yet invented the so-called “elixir of eternal youth”, but, by working with expert advice, it can help prevent the appearance of early signs of aging by adopting healthy habits in the daily routine. According to Eat This Not That, the way a person takes care of themselves plays a major role in the aging process, so the following report includes five tips to learn how to mitigate the signs of aging after the age of 60 through some lifestyle changes.

1. Vitamin A

American beauty expert Jane Mann says it’s difficult to repair skin damage after years of exposure to the sun, but vitamin A actually works well, including in cases of “women in their sixties, who have been exposed to nearly five decades of external damage.” and the interior of their skin. Mann adds that vitamin A ensures that the skin is protected from sun damage, skin cancer, as well as wrinkles, noting that one should choose a reliable product that allows the delivery of an adequate amount of vitamin A without causing irritation or inflammation to the skin.

2. Password moderation

Fitness coach Jess Rose explains that moderation is key to anything, including exercise, noting that moderation in how often you go to the gym and how long you work out each time helps prevent long-term injuries or Health conditions that automatically show signs of aging.

“It is recommended that you exercise for approximately 150 to 250 minutes per week,” with the aim of improving mental and physical health, Rose explains, noting that through exercise and regular activity serotonin is released to the brain.

Rose adds that with age, a person loses muscle mass, but by exercising moderately and regularly, a person can be protected “from bone fractures, rupture of ligaments and joint problems, in addition to maintaining cardiovascular health, lowering levels of harmful cholesterol, and controlling blood pressure.” “.

3. Social activities

Staying in touch with others is essential to looking and feeling great, says Dr. Rachel Dew, explaining that “Social interactions can stimulate people intellectually and cognitively, whether through volunteering or a hobby. Interaction with family, friends, and loved ones can prevent The brain is prevented from becoming inactive and communication skills are strengthened, which gives a sense of happiness.

Maintaining an active social life can help with the desire to eat healthy food and stay active, which benefits overall health.” Thus, being active and in good health helps maintain a youthful appearance. These results can be achieved simply by means of, Dr. Deo adds. A phone call, social media, email, or outing to acquaintances and friends for coffee.”

4. Sunscreen

Professor De Anna Glaser, MD, a dermatologist, says that sunscreen should be used instead of relying on cosmetics and makeup as a sun protection factor.

Professor Glaser explains that many tinted foundations and moisturizers contain SPF, but they do not protect the skin as some might think, as “most cosmetics protect against UVB rays but do not block the sun’s rays above the sun.” UVA, which causes fine lines, brown spots and enlarged pores on the skin.” She advised my professor to use a sunscreen that ensures protection from harmful rays.

5. Quit smoking

Smoking is bad for your overall health, says Dr. J. Taylor Hayes, MD, a physician with the Mayo Clinic.

The doctor explains that “the more cigarettes smoked and the longer the smoking period, the greater the likelihood of a person developing wrinkles and the appearance of other age-related changes on the face,” noting that these changes are more visible on the skin and faces of smokers compared to non-smokers and those who are not exposed to radiation. harmful sun

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