“Unexpected danger” .. A man stormed the Queen Elizabeth Palace with a bow and arrow

British police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into the grounds of Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II was spending Christmas, carrying what they described as a crossbow.

“An investigation is underway into this incident in cooperation with colleagues from the Metropolitan Police,” the district police said in a statement late on Saturday, adding that they spotted the 19-year-old intruder at 8:30 GMT on Christmas morning .

The Queen spent a quiet day at Christmas in the palace in west London .

The man was arrested on suspicion of infiltrating a protected site and possessing an offensive weapon 

The “Sunday Mirror” newspaper said that those responsible for the surveillance cameras spotted a man carrying what appeared to be a crossbow, while the “Mail on Sunday” newspaper indicated that the man used a rope ladder to climb the fence.

The police confirmed that “security measures were taken moments after the man entered the land surrounding the palace,” stressing that “he did not enter any building.”

She pointed out that “members of the royal family were informed of the incident.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Queen Elizabeth II has resided at Windsor Castle near London, where she has spent successive periods of confinement

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