“Omicron” raises the state of alert around the world

The rapid increase in the number of people infected with the new “Omicron” mutant around the world led to taking preventive measures and raising the state of alert, especially a few days before the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Today, Tuesday, New Zealand postponed the date that was scheduled to reopen its international borders due to the rapid spread of the “Omicron” mutant around the world, and several other countries have also re-imposed closure and social distancing measures.

Chris Hepkins, the country’s COVID-19 minister, which has imposed some of the strictest anti-Covid-19 measures in the world, said New Zealand has delayed the start of a planned process of reopening its borders until the end of February.

In India, the Prime Minister of the New Delhi government, Arvind Kejriwal, called on citizens to wear masks and urged the federal government to allow the administration of a booster vaccine dose, as the country recorded 200 cases of the Omicron mutant across 12 states.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Health is conducting tests to determine whether Omicron has infected a suspected group of people in a gymnasium, and the ministry has also warned that many more people may be infected.

In the United States, officials said, on Monday, the mutant claimed the life of an unvaccinated man in Texas after the Omicron became the dominant strain in the country. Citizens queued in New York, Washington and other US cities to get tested for COVID-19 in an effort to find out if they had the infection before celebrating the holiday with their families.

South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland were among the countries that re-imposed partial or total closures or social distancing measures in the past few days.

Israel added the United States to the list of countries prohibited from traveling due to fears of the mutated “Omicron”, while Kuwait said that it will require arrivals to it to obtain a booster dose if more than nine months have passed since receiving the second dose.

For its part, Thailand announced that it will re-impose a mandatory quarantine on foreign visitors due to the emerging Corona virus, due to fears of the spread of the “Omicron” mutant.

Source: Reuters

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