Global Health: “Omicron” is spreading faster and making vaccines less effective, but the symptoms of the disease are not severe

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the “Omicron” strain of the Corona virus is spreading faster than its predecessors, and although this mutant causes minor symptoms, it makes vaccines less effective.

And she said in a report issued today, Sunday, in which she indicated that her data were incomplete, that “cases of injuries among people with this version were monitored until October 9, 2021 in 63 countries in all regions of the World Health Organization.”

She stated that the “Omicron” version of the Corona virus that causes “Covid-19” infection appears to be spreading faster than the “Delta” mutant, which is currently responsible for most infections in the world.

This spread was not only observed in South Africa, but also in the United Kingdom, where the delta mutant is also prevalent.

The organization predicted “Omicron will outperform Delta in places where there is community transmission.”

Although the data is still insufficient to determine the severity of the disease caused by the omicron mutant, symptoms are currently “mild or moderate” in South Africa, where it first appeared, and in Europe.

With regard to vaccines against “Covid-19”, the limited data available, as well as the genetic fingerprint of the “Omicron” mutant, indicate a “reduction in efficacy” in terms of protection against “infection and infection”.

The first infection with the “B.1.1.529” strain, which the World Health Organization later called “Omicron”, was recorded in Botswana on November 11 in a South African, where the largest number of patients was detected.

This copy carries a record number of mutations as 50, including more than 30 mutations in the Spike protein through which the virus infiltrates the human body, amid widespread fears that this strain, which the World Health Organization classified as “alarming”, is more Infection from its predecessors and able to resist vaccinations.

Source: agencies

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