Netanyahu responds to Trump’s insult

The office of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement in response to an “insulting statement” by former US President Donald Trump.

A statement issued by the office of Netanyahu, who heads the Likud party, said that he “praises the great activities of (former) President Trump, contributing to the interest and security of the State of Israel.”

The statement added: “Netanyahu greatly appreciates the importance of the strong alliance between Israel and the United States, and therefore it was important for him to congratulate the new president.”

And Trump, in an interview with Axios, attacked his former closest ally, Netanyahu, for congratulating Biden on his victory in the presidential election.

Trump said, “The first person to congratulate Biden was Bibi… Bibi could have remained silent, but he made a terrible mistake… I haven’t spoken to him since… Damn him (F**k him).”

Relations between the United States and Israel witnessed a great rapprochement during the rule of Trump and Netanyahu, as the former American president took many steps to support the Israeli government, including recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, focusing on confronting Iran and cutting aid to the Palestinians.

Source: agencies

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