Egypt.. Extracting a huge treasure from the bottom of a property

The competent authorities in Egypt managed to extract a huge archaeological coffin from the ground, after one of the archaeological excavation gangs excavated it in the Ain Shams area.

Some of the men extracted a heavy-sized coffin from a hole in the ground using a manual crane, in the presence of officials of the relevant security authorities and a large number of employees of the Ministry of Antiquities.

Dr. Ayman Ashmawy, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Sector, revealed the details of the archaeological discovery, which the security forces succeeded in seizing after arresting a gang excavating under a residential property in the Ain Shams area, adding that the discovery was found in the cemetery of the ancient city of On, which is a cemetery. It includes several rooms, and it is likely that more coffins and artifacts were found in the same tomb, according to the evidence and the preliminary examination.about:blank

He pointed out that the discovery is under a residential property, so it is treated with great caution, as the discovered coffin is currently being extracted to move it to the nearest archaeological area, which is in that case the archaeological area of ​​Al-Matareya, stressing that once the coffin is extracted, the text will be read on it, and it is most likely that it belongs to a priest in the Onn temple, where it indicates The evidence and the funeral text on it, explaining that the sarcophagus is made of black basalt and is three meters long. The excavation is adjacent to the cemetery of “Pharaonic Banhasi”, which was found during construction work on the land of the Bar Association, which confirms that this area is rich in antiquities and that it is a Pharaonic cemetery. It is expected that the days will reveal more surprises.

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