“Omicron” mutates .. a new warning from scientists

Within two weeks of the discovery of the new mutant “Omicron” by scientists in South Africa, data emerged showing the presence of samples of a new mutant with similar and different characteristics from “Omicron”.

Scientists found the new form of the “Omicron Plus” mutant in 3 countries: South Africa  , Australia  and the United States , according to data published on the “ GetHub ” website , which researchers use to share information about the “ Covid-19 ” disease caused by the Corona virus .

Many of the mutations that were discovered in “Omicron” appear in the new mutant, but not all of them. According to the scientists, the new mutant has many unique mutations.

As a result of the similarities and differences with the mutant “Omicron”, which was first detected in South Africa, scientists named the new version “BA.2”, while the first version is called “BA.1”.

Some scientists and the media have dubbed the new mutant “Phantom Omicron ” for its ability to mislead PCR tests about the truth of which mutant it belongs to.

The danger of the matter is that tracking the spread of “Omicron” will become more difficult, at a time when the process of monitoring the mutant is extremely important to understanding its nature.

And the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, reported that 7 cases have been identified so far with the new mutant, so the picture is still unclear at the moment.

It is not yet clear how much the new mutations in Omicron Plus will affect its ability to spread and the severity of infection

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