Biden: We will not use force unilaterally against Russia if it invades Ukraine

US President Joe Biden said today, Wednesday, that “Washington will not use unilateral force against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine…I think the message has reached (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.”

Biden stressed in a statement to reporters from the White House that he was frank during the summit that brought him together with Putin, and said, “I made it clear to Putin that there would be economic consequences that were unprecedented if Russia invaded Ukraine.”

He stressed that “the deployment of US forces in Ukraine to deter any possible Russian invasion is not on the table,” expressing hope that a meeting with Russia and “NATO” countries will be announced by Friday.

Putin announced, earlier today, that Russia will present to the United States its proposals on security within a week, noting that he discussed with Biden security issues, among other topics dealt with “constructive talks”, which “open the way for continuing dialogue between Moscow and Washington.”about:blank

Putin said that he agreed with Biden to continue discussing security issues, through exchanging ideas between the two sides in this regard.

Source: “Reuters”

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