Pope asks God to forgive Orthodox Christians for “mistakes of some Catholics”

Pope Francis has said he feels the need to ask God’s forgiveness for Orthodox Christians for wrongs committed by “some Catholics” against them.

During his meeting yesterday, Saturday, in the Greek capital, with Ieronymos II, Archbishop of Athens and Greece in the Greek Orthodox Church, the Pope expressed his regret for the schism that occurred within the single-rooted Christian Church. The Pope said: “We have been infected with worldly poisons, and doubts have increased the distance between us, and we have stopped developing the company.”

Pope Francis acknowledged that “there are works and attitudes that have little or no relationship with Jesus and the Gospel, but rather are marked by a thirst for gain and power, actions and attitudes that have withered communion.”

He added that he felt “the need to renew the request for forgiveness to God and the brethren for the mistakes committed by so many Catholics.”

The meeting of the Pope with the Archbishop of Athens was part of his first visit to Greece since his accession to the papal throne in 2013.

Source: Vatican News

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