Israeli charged with sexual assault of Netanyahu’s wife

The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court charged a 55-year-old man from Givatayim who threatened Sarah Netanyahu, the wife of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with sexual assault.

And according to a report published by the “timesofisrael” website today, Sunday, the man was accused of threatening to sexually assault Sara Netanyahu, through a tweet he posted on Twitter in 2019, in which he said that he was “so patriotic” that he would rape the then-prime minister’s wife.

The man was indicted on Sunday for sexual harassment over the tweet in which he clearly threatened to sexually assault the wife of the former prime minister.

Boaz Drori, a resident of the central city of Givatayim, was charged in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court over the tweet he posted in 2019.

He had about 1,000 followers on Twitter, and the indictment read: “In accordance with the law, the defendant sexually harassed Sarah Netanyahu by addressing her with contempt and degrading treatment of her gender and sexuality,” the report said.

The tweet received 22 likes, 23 comments and eight retweets.

In August 2020, after Druri was first questioned, then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, accusing him of ignoring threats against him and his family “blatantly”, and Netanyahu claimed he was “endangering them as a result.”

The former prime minister said at the time: “No action on your part in the face of calls to kill me and my family and threats to rape my wife is nothing less than allowing our blood to be blatantly shed.”

“Every woman, regardless of her status and role, deserves protection,” Netanyahu added.

In response, Mandelblit told the then prime minister that “there is no basis for this claim,” while Netanyahu’s opponents said that “the indictment was a calculated attack on the attorney general for his decision to indict Netanyahu for corruption crimes.”

The following day, Sara Netanyahu said in an interview that she was subjected to sexual violence by protesters who had rallied against her husband, the prime minister, according to the report.

Netanyahu has filed several police complaints about threats to harm him and his family.

Meanwhile, the report concluded: “A number of cabinet members, in addition to officials involved in the ongoing Netanyahu graft trial, enjoy additional security due to threats against them and their relatives.”

Source: “timesofisrael”

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