Chinese Foreign Ministry publishes a report revealing the state of democracy in the United States

Today, the Chinese Foreign Ministry released a report titled “The State of Democracy in the United States,” which, according to the ministry, aims to expose the shortcomings and abuse of democracy in the United States.

The report, issued by the department on its official website, based on “facts and expert opinions”, aims to “expose the shortcomings and abuse of democracy in the United States as well as the harm caused by its export of such a model of democracy.”

It is hoped that the United States will improve its democratic system and practices and change the way it interacts with other countries, the report said.

In addition to the introduction and conclusion, the report consists of two parts entitled: “What is democracy?” and “Disengagement and the three ills of democracy in the United States.”

The report emphasized that “democracy is a common value among all mankind and a right for all countries, and is not a privilege limited to a few,” adding that “democracy takes different forms and there is no one model that fits all.”

The report went on to assert that “it is completely undemocratic to measure the various political systems in the world by a single standard, or to examine different political civilizations from a single perspective.”

He stressed that “the political system of any country must be decided by its people independently.”

From a historical perspective, the development of democracy in the United States was a step forward. The political party system, the representative system, one person, one vote, and the separation of powers led to the abolition and reform of feudal tyranny in Europe. Democracy in the United States is isolated and degraded, increasingly deviated from its original core and design.

The report detailed “the fragmentation and ills of democracy in the United States from three aspects: the system saddled with deep-rooted problems, chaotic and disruptive democratic practices, and the disastrous consequences of the United States exporting its own brand of democracy.”

He said, “What is currently necessary for the United States is to work really hard to guarantee the democratic rights of its people and improve its democratic system, rather than focusing too much on procedural or formal democracy at the expense of substantive democracy and its outputs and results.”

It is also necessary for the United States to assume more international responsibilities and provide more public goods to the world rather than always seeking to impose its own brand of democracy on others, using its own values ​​as means to divide the world into different camps, or interfering, subverting and conquest in other countries. under the pretext of promoting democracy.

The report said that “the international community is currently facing urgent challenges on a global scale, from the Covid-19 pandemic, through the economic slowdown, to the climate change crisis, calling on all countries to rise and transcend differences in systems, reject the mentality of the zero-sum game, and seek to establish pluralism.” real.”

Source: “Xinhua”

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