Mild symptoms.. South Africa records an increase in cases of “Omicron”

A scientist studying the outbreak of the new Corona strain said that South Africa is witnessing an increase in cases of Covid due to the “Omicron” variant, but the symptoms of those infected after vaccination appear to be mild.

The new variant that has caused global fears of an increase in infection was detected for the first time in South Africa, where case numbers are rising dramatically.

“Previous infections were used to protect against Delta but now with Omicron it doesn’t look like that,” said Anne von Guttberg, a microbiologist at South Africa’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

She added in an online press conference hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) that she and her colleagues believe that re-infection with “Omicron” and superinfections in vaccinated patients will show less severe symptoms.

Von Gutberg reported that the travel ban imposed by many countries on passengers from South Africa had a negative impact on the logistics of scientific research in Omicron, noting that “there are fewer flights to choose from to bring reagents, bring equipment, in addition to sending samples and insulation so they can work with Omicron.”

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