A “militant” in front of the United Nations headquarters… and the police cordoned off the place

New York City police rushed, Thursday, to cordon off the United Nations building, after receiving a report that a person was carrying a pistol in front of the main door of the headquarters.

The United Nations Security Service asked all those in the building to remain in their places, due to armed movement outside the building.

According to the “Sky News Arabia” correspondent, the armed person puts the gun in his mouth, while the city police are negotiating with him.

According to press reports, quoting American sources, the New York Police received a call about the gunman, before eleven o’clock in the morning.

In the meantime, there was no news about the motives of the gunman releasing his threats at the door of the United Nations, while the police did not issue a detailed statement yet.

The  United Nations is based on the building located in Manhattan, New York, since its construction was completed in 195

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