The first case of “Omicron” was recorded in the United States

On Wednesday, the United States recorded the first infection with the new Corona virus, “Omicron”, in California

And the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci , explained that the first infection in California belonged to a person who came from South Africa .    

He added: “The person infected with Omicron had traveled to South Africa and was isolated. Everyone who had contact with him was also tested.” 

In turn, the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control clarified in a statement that this person underwent an examination in California, and the result was positive. Pointing out that “he was fully vaccinated and was showing mild symptoms in the process of improvement.”   

Fauci noted that “booster doses help relieve symptoms of even the variables for which vaccines were not made,” noting that “about 60 million Americans are eligible to receive the vaccine, but they have not taken it yet.”

He also stressed that everyone who arrives in the United States must undergo a corona examination within 24 hours of his arrival.         

This came after President Joe Biden confirmed that ” Omicron ” represents “a cause for concern, not panic”, calling on citizens to obtain booster doses of vaccines against the Corona virus “immediately”.

In turn, the World Health Organization said earlier on Wednesday that “there is no evidence of a decline in the effectiveness of vaccines against the new Corona mutant ,” while studies and research are still in place to ascertain whether the mutant is resistant to vaccines or not

“Some early indications are that most infections with the Amicron mutant are mild, and there are no serious cases,” a WHO official told Reuters.

“We are working with our experts around the world to determine the impact of Omicron on transmission and disease severity,” he added.

He continued, “The emergence of the mutant Omicron shows the importance of remaining vigilant,” stressing that “it is necessary that people continue to wear a muzzle and adhere to the rules of social distancing and personal hygiene even when receiving a vaccination

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