The discovery of the first suspected infection with the “Omicron” strain in South Korea

South Korea announced the discovery of the first suspected infection with the mutated “Omicron” strain of the Corona virus, while President Moon Jae-in called for tightening entry procedures to prevent the flow of the strain.

The South Korean Agency for Disease Control and Prevention said that health authorities conducted a genome sequencing test on a couple who had recently arrived in South Korea from Nigeria and tested positive for the Corona virus, and the result of their test will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday.

The agency said that the couple are fully vaccinated, and they visited Nigeria from the 14th to the 23rd of this month, and they tested positive for corona on Thursday last week, noting that tests are underway to determine whether they were infected with the “Omicron” strain.

Presidential Office spokeswoman Park Kyung-mi said in a statement that President Moon has instructed his aides to quickly develop a test suite for the “Omicron” strain and come up with a new strategy to contain the new strain.

South Korea tightened visa issuance and access from eight African countries starting Sunday, including the Republic of South Africa, to prevent the payment of the new breed, joining a group of countries imposing travel bans to and from those African countries.

Source: “Yonhap”

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