3 Scenarios for the impact of “Omicron” on the Global Economy

Maxim Oreshkin, assistant to the Russian President, has drawn 3 scenarios for the development of the situation in the global economy in light of the emergence of the new strain of the emerging coronavirus, “Omicron”.

“Of course, all economic policies now and the economic situation depends on the new strain of the Corona virus, everyone is talking about it now,” Oreshkin, who previously served as Minister of Economic Development, said during his participation in the “Russia Calling” investment forum.

He added, “There are 3 scenarios for the development of the situation, a difficult negative scenario, which assumes the spread of the virus quickly and the severity of the disease is high, and the new strain will be able to bypass existing vaccines and current tests, this scenario is the most negative.”

The second scenario is a false alarm, meaning that the “Omicron” virus will not pose a threat.

As for the third scenario, it is positive. It assumes that the severity of the disease will not be very high, and the virus will not spread quickly.

The markets and stock exchanges are witnessing a state of anxiety in light of economic fears of the repercussions of the spread of the new version, and today the markets fell after the head of the “Moderna” company told the “Financial Times”, that the current vaccines against Covid-19 are likely to be much less effective in confronting omicron” compared to previous mutated strains. 

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