Warning in Egypt from the new Corona mutant

A member of the Scientific Committee for a confrontation in Egypt, Muhammad Al-Nadi, said that Egypt is free of the new “Omicron” mutant so far, but like the previous mutant it will come, whether early or even late.

The club added that there is an attempt to slow down the arrival of the new mutant to Egypt, America, England or Europe, but in the end, “it will deliver.”

A member of the Scientific Committee to confront Corona indicated that Egypt has so far succeeded in conducting a kind of good control of medical isolation for people coming from suspicious places, or injuries from this new mutant, to reduce as much as possible the chance of spreading the mutant until its characteristics, response and resistance are known. For vaccinations or medications.

He explained that Omicron is a mutation that occurred in the Corona virus, and the information about it so far is few, and the information will be known from the place where this mutant appeared.

He continued, “The virus mutation was expected, but what was not expected is that there will be 30 genetic mutations in the spinal protein, and this is the source of concern, because this is a radical change in the shape of the spinal protein through which it can recognize the cell.”

And a member of the Scientific Committee to confront Corona continued: “Mostly, vaccines will not be effective against the new mutant, and evidence of this is the statements that came out a few days ago from the United States, specifically from Pfizer and Moderna, trying to find a new vaccine to cover the new strain.”

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