Russia .. 33,548 new infections with the Corona virus and 1,224 deaths

The health authorities in Russia recorded 33,548 new infections with the Corona virus, and 1,224 deaths, during the past 24 hours.

The new infections were distributed among 85 Russian regions, and the largest number of them was recorded in the capital, Moscow (3,086), followed by Petersburg (2072), and then the regions adjacent to Moscow (2046).

According to the latest figures and data issued by the Russian Center for Epidemic Control, today, Sunday, the total number of infections that have been recorded in the country since the beginning of the outbreak of the Corona virus has risen to 9 million and 570,373 cases, and 8 million and 268,111 people have recovered so far, including 30,646 people during the past day, while The death toll reached 272,755 deaths.about:blank

Russia has recorded a decline in recent days in the number of new infections, as it decreased from about 40 thousand cases per day to 33 thousand infections.

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