The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation denounces what happened to its journalists in Doha, describing it as a serious matter

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation commented on the incident of arresting two of its journalists in Qatar, stressing that Doha’s version of the incident was incorrect.

The director general of the authority, Thor Germund Eriksen, said that he did not agree with the Qatari version of events, adding: “The two employees acted in full accordance with the principles and ethics of journalism. Even if the Qatari authorities believe that the journalists have broken any law, the treatment they received is unacceptable.”

He pointed out that “the detention of journalists and the confiscation of all their equipment threatens the free and independent press and creates a dangerous frightening effect for all journalists who visit Qatar.”

Earlier, Qatari security forces detained two journalists working for the Norwegian broadcaster NRK for more than 30 hours, and deleted footage they had filmed in a foreign workers complex, while they were trying to prepare a report on labor issues ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, according to the Associated Agency. Press, and AFP.

The Qatari government accused the journalists, Halvor Ekland and Luqman Ghorbani, of “violating private property and filming without permission.” The two returned to Norway, on Wednesday morning, after their release.

Subsequently, Norway summoned the Qatari ambassador to Oslo, as Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Jahr Store said, “The arrest of the correspondents of the public channel in Qatar is unacceptable.”

Source: CNN

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