The “Egyptian plan” to deal with Omicron

The official spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, revealed that a set of measures had been approved, in light of reports related to the new Corona virus mutant, which the World Health Organization called “Omicron”.00:14 / 00:15AD

And Egypt decided to stop direct flights to and from South Africa, due to the new Corona mutant, “Omicron”.    

Said Hossam Abdel Ghaffar in a statement to “Sky News Arabia,” The Ministry of Health “directed the lifting of maximum preparations for quarantine in all air, land and sea ports of Egypt, with the lifting of the verification level of free arrivals to the country of any injuries possible, especially the new Baltor.”

Although the Egyptian Ministry of Health had issued a circular a few weeks ago in various outlets, canceling the immediate test known as the ID NOW COVID-19 Test in force with arrivals from the delta- mutated countries , Abdel Ghaffar confirmed in his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, That this test “is still valid in the various outlets, and is among the measures taken to confront the new mutant.”

He also stressed that the Egyptian authorities “closely monitor everything that is published about the Omicron mutant , and are taking resolute and multiple measures to deal with it.” 

And the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt had issued a statement on Friday evening, in which it said that it was “following up the initial reports received from South Africa regarding the rapid increase in infection rates with the emerging corona virus, especially in Gauteng County, and the extent to which this rise is related to cases with a mutation in the emerging corona virus.” “.

The statement added that “scientific committees, experts and researchers in the Egyptian ministry, universities and research centers are studying all preliminary data related to this mutation.”

For his part, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, acting Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar , affirmed that “the ministry is in constant contact with the World Health Organization, whether regarding the meeting of an expert group affiliated with the organization on Friday, November 26, or the findings of the organization’s experts regarding Concerning the new mutation.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population said, “The initial news received by the ministry, in addition to the article published Thursday, November 25 in the specialized (Nature) magazine, indicates the presence of a new mutant of the virus (B.1.1.529) .. it was discovered in South Africa and Botswana, and it contains A large number of mutations are present in other variants, including delta.”

He continued, “The researchers observed in the genome sequencing data of the variant that it contains more than 30 changes to the spike protein (spike protein), which is the protein that sticks to host cells, and is the main target of the body’s immunity. This mutation appears to be spreading rapidly across South Africa.

He added, “Although it is still too early to know the extent to which this mutant is able to evade immune responses caused by vaccines, and whether the severity of the disease resulting from it is more or less than other variables, experts and researchers in the scientific committees of the Ministry of Health and universities And research centers carry out all the research related to this matter, as well as studying the ability of this mutant to spread globally.”

The spokesman confirmed that the acting Minister of Health and Population stressed “the completion of studies related to this matter as soon as possible, in preparation for presenting the results to the Supreme Committee to follow up on the Corona crisis, headed by the Prime Minister, to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the health situation in Egypt.”

At the same time, he indicated that “the World Health Organization announced after its meeting, Friday, that it will take several weeks to know the effect and effectiveness of vaccines on the new mutated version of the Corona virus, which was monitored in South Africa, and that it has no comment at the present time on the travel restrictions that are imposed on it.” It is imposed by some authorities on southern African countries linked to this mutated strain.

And the Egyptian authorities have approved new procedures regarding Corona virus tests for those coming to its lands from countries where mutated “ delta ” strains appeared .

Last May, Egypt approved the immediate test known as ID NOW COVID-19 Test for people coming from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brazil and Latin America, the countries in which mutated strains of the Corona virus appeared

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