The Czech government decides to declare an emergency against the background of the unprecedented spread of Corona

Today, Thursday, Czech media reported that the government decided to declare a state of emergency in the country, starting from November 26, against the background of the deteriorating epidemiological situation due to the spread of the Corona virus, according to “Russia Today” .

“The state of emergency, which will be imposed by the Czech Council of Ministers as of November 26, provides for the cancellation of collective cultural and sports events with the participation of more than a thousand people and the cessation of restaurants, bars and clubs after 22:00 in the first stage,  Czech television reported .

Czech television added that the circle of mass events allowed to be held will be limited to pre-Christmas bazaars in the open air, indicating that the planned measures can only be implemented in the event of a state of emergency, and that it is currently expected to be announced for a period of 30 days .

It is scheduled, according to media reports, that Prime Minister Andrej Babic will hold a press conference soon to announce the new steps .

The Czech Republic is witnessing an unprecedented rise in new infections with the Corona virus “Covid-19”, as the country recorded last Tuesday a record number of 25,864 cases .

Europe in general is facing significant increases in the indicators of the Corona virus in recent weeks, which prompted the government of the countries of the region to tighten general restrictions to limit the spread of the pandemic .

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