Video: The first giant plane lands on the “Blue ice”

The cameras documented the moments of landing a giant civilian plane on a runway that was ice in Antarctica.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that a luxury resort in Antarctica had chartered an Airbus A340 freighter to bring supplies for the resort.

The flight, which took off from Cape Town in South Africa, took more than 5 hours, during which the plane traveled about 4,500 km.

On Tuesday, the plane landed on an ice runway in Antarctica in a very difficult operation, but it was successful.

 The runway at Wolf Fang Resort is classified as Type C, which means that experienced pilots can do the job due to the difficult conditions surrounding the landing.

And advanced equipment was used to dig the borders of the airport runway so that the pilot could determine his path, and the runway was inspected by a dedicated vehicle before landing.

The ice fish in the area, called “blue ice”, is more than 1.5 kilometers long and can withstand the landing of a huge A340 plane with all its payload, without any problem.

But the problem is not here, as the pilot faced a more serious problem, which is the huge reflection due to the ice covering the ground, so it was necessary to wear glasses that help protect the eyes from the wide difference between inside the cockpit and the plane’s surroundings, according to what the pilot say

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