Egypt .. “Bad Weather” causes disasters in Alexandria

The city of Alexandria in Egypt witnessed many disasters as a result of the “nuclear of the broom” that caused major crises between partial collapses of real estate and fires as a result of a short circuit, and flooded streets.

The nucleus caused the study to be suspended within 4 days, during which the study was only resumed in the morning period on Monday, which witnessed heavy rain, followed by the decision to suspend the study in the evening period, so work was not disrupted during the two days, Sunday and Tuesday.

On the other hand, Major General Mahmoud Abu Amra, Director of Alexandria Security, received a notification from the detectives of the Amreya Police Department, the first, of a fire in the Depository and Reservation Unit in kilo 26 department of the department.

The examination revealed that the unit in question is dedicated to the seizure of cars that have been over 20 years old, affiliated with the presidential initiative to replace cars, and a massive fire broke out.

The fire was controlled and surrounded to prevent its spread, while the fire resulted in the charring of 28 of the cars in custody.

Initial investigations indicated that the cause of the fire was a short circuit as a result of the bad weather wave that hit Alexandria.

The heavy rains also caused partial collapses of real estate, the first of which was when the Montazah neighborhood received a notification of the collapse of two balconies of a property in the Asafra Bahri area.about:blank

While an old property consisting of a ground and two floors, half of which fell on Bin Zarif Street, off Irfan Street in Rusafa, Muharram Bey, was destroyed, without injuries due to the emptiness of the property from the population.

While the ladder of the property located on 6 Al-Attarin Street, Al-Farkh Market, collapsed, without causing any injuries or deaths, as the examination revealed that the property is old and the rain caused the collapse of the ladder, and the Civil Protection forces succeeded in reaching the place of the report immediately after the accident occurred on Al-Attarin Street branching from the market Chicks The situation was brought under control, and the entire population was rescued using hydraulic ladders, through civil protection, without causing injuries to anyone or losses in movables.

Alexandria witnessed the sinking of several areas and streets; What caused a state of traffic paralysis and difficulty in movement, perhaps the most prominent of these scenes is what happened in Khaled Ibn Al-Walid Street, Sporting areas and Cleopatra Tunnel, while the sanitation company explained that the most flooded areas were in “Alexandria Corniche, Al-Hurriya Road, Glim area, Shedia market, Taiba Ibrahimiya Street, Al-Eqbal Street, most of the schools and hospitals, Victor Emmanuel Smouha Square, Al-Riyadah Hospital Street, Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Street, Al-Hurriya Road, Al-Hadra, Cleopatra and Sporting Tram Road, Bashayer Al-Khair 3 and 5, Al-Max Street, and all tunnels and bridges within the governorate, and other scattered areas.

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