Spain.. Violent protests against high inflation

Protests by mineral experts in the Spanish province of Cadiz witnessed violent clashes between police and demonstrators in the Bazan neighborhood of San Fernando.

Metal workers in Cadiz erected barricades in the streets to protest against high inflation that cut their salaries, and the demonstrators again tried to cut off the bridge’s access to the Navantia shipyard in San Fernando, this is the only way to reach the factory, and protesters used this measure also on Last Saturday, while this time around, protesters were met with a massive deployment of police officers aimed at ensuring workers’ access to the factory, according to euroweeklynews.

According to the website, the protests spread throughout the Bazan district, and the police deployed in the area, but the barricades and containers were set on fire and left to burn, and this affected the traffic at times.

A video clip of Spanish law enforcement authorities using an armored vehicle during the riots has spread on social media.

According to union sources, the buses that were trying to bring the workers to the factory were forced to turn due to the clashes, and the buses started taking the employees home again.

Antonio Montoro, secretary of the General Confederation of Workers (FICA), hopes a deal will be reached soon, as the strike will cost workers and companies a heavy price.

Source: “euroweeklynews”

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