Libya .. Revealed the legal position of Gaddafi’s son’s candidacy for the presidency

The head of the High National Elections Commission in Libya, Imad al-Sayeh, revealed the legal position on the candidacy of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, in the presidential elections scheduled for December 24.

Judgments were issued in absentia against Saif Gaddafi in 2015, where he still has the right to appeal and appeal.

The Chairperson of the Commission pointed out that Article No. 12 of the President’s Election Law will be decided by the judiciary if appeals are submitted against any of the candidates.

This article obliges anyone who wishes to run for office in the state, to leave his job 3 months before the date of the elections .

He confirmed that work is currently being done to review the lists of candidates, which number 98, adding that “what happened during the submission of papers was randomly due to lack of time.”

He considered that “this stage gave a civilized picture of Libya’s political future that heralds liberation from the stage of chaos and corruption and the transition to the stage of construction, stability and reconciliation,” saying, “Despite the novelty of our experience, we have worked to show this historical event with all our experience and capabilities and we have spared no effort to prove to the world that we are A people that deserves to have a state of law and institutions, a state that accepts everyone and is built by everyone.

He announced the delivery of 1.7 million voter cards until yesterday, or 60 percent of the total cards targeted to be delivered, which amounted to more than 2.8 million cards, adding: “With this daily rate, we expect the number of delivered cards to exceed two million, which is a positive indicator that raises the expectations of turnout rates. Participation on December 24 will reach levels that will lend credibility to the results of these elections, and this process will continue until Sunday, the 28th of the month.

He called on all registered voters to be keen on receiving their cards, safeguarding their votes, and owning their decision. He continued: “The Commission has worked to protect your votes, so take the initiative to secure the future of your children, and remove negativity from you, and do not look back, for building the future can only be done by exerting more effort and hardship.”

Al-Sayeh’s speech witnessed a reference to the electoral obstruction, where he warned that the commission had been subjected to a “campaign of misinformation, slander and distortion” by a handful of “haters”, for nothing but choosing to “align with the will of the people,” continuing: “We chose to line up for the state of institutions.” And the law, not to align itself with self-interested and utilitarian agendas, the apparent of which is compatibility, and the interior of which is sedition, tyranny and corruption .”

He continued: “It would have been more appropriate for you to direct your campaigns and statements towards fighting corruption that is eroding the country’s structure, not to direct it to an institution on which the Libyans are unanimous, and that led you to the domination and stubbornness of you today. It was better for you to raise the level of awareness of your people, not that They obscured and shaded him through trumpets, and the Libyans became disgusted with the faces of their features that herald years of doom and wars.”

And he concluded: “We congratulate everyone who took the initiative and applied for candidacy, and we salute the participation of women as candidates for the presidential elections in a democratic form that reflects a positive image of the role of women in Libyan society, regardless of whether or not the candidacy is accepted or rejected. Today, we are all responsible before God and the countr

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