American Wrestling Champion Seth Rollins was attacked by a person in the crowd (vedio)

In an unprecedented incident, American Freestyle Wrestling Champion Seth Rollins was attacked by a person in the crowd, during a fight in the RAW Championship on Monday night.
And while Rollins was about to get out after a wrestling match, he was surprised by a violent attack by a fan on him, who dropped him to the ground, to the astonishment of the large audience at Barclays Center in New York.

Rollins had just finished his fight with Finn Balor, and was walking behind the scenes when a fan came running towards him.

After Rollins fell to the ground, several members of the security forces, in addition to the match officials, intervened to control the fan who remained on the ground.

After moments of shock, Rollins got to his feet and started screaming at the fan, defying him, and threatening him not to attack him again, amid crowd chants demanding Rollins to hit the fan.

“The 24-year-old fan is now in the custody of the New York Police Department, and he will be prosecuted and the maximum legal penalties imposed on him,” the American Freestyle Wrestling Organization “WWE” confirmed in a statement.

The entry of fans to beat wrestlers during fights is not uncommon, especially since wrestlers are distinguished by a strong physique and great height.

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