Axios website: Public disagreements between the Biden administration and Israel over the Iranian nuclear file

The “Axios” news website reported that the security conference held yesterday in Bahrain revealed the differences between the administration of US President Joe Biden and the Israeli government over nuclear talks with Iran.

The closing session of the annual Manama Dialogue brought together Israeli National Security Adviser Eyal Holata and US President Joe Biden’s Senior Adviser on Middle East Affairs Brett McGurk.

The American website stated that Holata and McGurk tried to present a united front on the nuclear file, but the opening words put forward different positions before dozens of officials and experts from the Gulf and Western countries.

The Israeli official spoke of the need to prevent Iran from acquiring a “nuclear penetration” capability, while his American counterpart spoke of the Biden administration’s commitment to preventing Iran “from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

During the session, the two officials disagreed about the need for a credible military threat to deter Iran from moving forward with its nuclear program.

Holata said that Iran stopped its efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon only when the world stood firmly against it. He added, “Israel will defend itself against Iran if it needs to, and we are making preparations for this matter.”

On the other hand, McGurk said that the United States is focusing on the Vienna talks, and if they fail, the Biden administration will consider other options. He added that military action might harm Iran’s nuclear program, but it would not change its behaviour.

Biden’s adviser stressed that the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal allowed Iran to advance its nuclear program significantly. He added that the former president’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran had failed.

On this claim, Holata said, “Iran will not make concessions just because we ask them kindly. It does not work that way. Whoever says pressure doesn’t work should consider how pressure from both Republican and Democratic administrations has caused Iran to change its policy.”

Source: Axios website.

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