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This is the best fruit can eat it for the health of your gut

A small fruit can do a lot for your gut and colon health, improve sleep quality and improve cholesterol and bile levels

Experts stress that gut health is more important than some people realize, because it helps fight disease, and it communicates with the mind to aid in the general health of the rest of the body. stomach too.

Fortunately, gut health can be improved by getting enough sleep, exercising, reducing stress as much as possible, and eating the right kinds of food, according to Eat This Not That.

Positive ways to influence the gut

Many researchers are constantly studying various foods that can affect the gut in positive ways, and according to a new study from the University of California, grapes can be extremely beneficial for gut health.
Grapes are packed with health benefits and are known to help with things like improving sleep, colon health, and even helping with chemotherapy symptoms. According to the new study, details of which are published in the journal Nutrients, grapes may also have a positive effect on the gut microbiome as well as cholesterol and bile acid levels.

catechins in grapes

Many of the health benefits of grapes come from their high content of fiber and phytochemicals, called antioxidants, among which are catechins that help treat inflammation in the body, boost levels of good bacteria in the gut and balance the gut flora.

gut microbiome

In the University of California study, participants ate 46 grams of grape powder daily, which is equivalent to two servings of whole grapes. After 4 weeks, LDL cholesterol decreased by 5.9%, in addition to significantly increasing the diversity of the participants’ gut microbiome.

Prevention of diabetes and heart disease

According to the University of California, gut health is so important to overall health that having an “altered” gut microbiome is often associated with metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Protection from obesity and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

An article from the popular science journal Nature adds that an unbalanced gut can also lead to stomach discomfort and things like irritable bowel disease and obesity.
Boost immunity

A recent study shows a lot of promising effects of eating grapes or grape powder on the gut microbiome and overall health, stating that grapes lead to a healthy and diverse gut microbiome, so the immune system can grow and function properly, which increases protection against disease risk

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