An Egyptian governorate is sinking (photos)

The coast of the Egyptian city of El-Arish witnessed heavy rain, as the government closed the side streets, while many roads were flooded.

An Egyptian governorate is sinking (photos)

Al-Arish residents launched an initiative to line the lighting poles with plastic insulators to prevent a short circuit, according to them, in conjunction with complaints of frequent power cuts in Arish.

And Hamza Radwan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, in North Sinai, announced in a press statement: “Based on the decisions of the Prime Minister, and the directives of Major General Abdel Fadil Shousha, Governor of North Sinai, and in view of the climatic conditions that the country is going through, it was decided to temporarily close schools next Saturday due to weather conditions. With all precautions taken.”

Yesterday morning, the city of Al-Arish witnessed a wave of rain that fell on the city, and the equipment of the water company continues to get rid of the effects of the morning rain and to withdraw the water collected in the streets, which caused a partial obstruction to traffic in the back streets.

The governor indicated the formation of a central operations room in the governorate’s general office, and subsidiary operations rooms in the city councils and concerned central administrations, to follow up on weather conditions.

The governor stressed the readiness of crisis equipment and water-sweeping vehicles to face the expected wave of rain and torrential rain, and distributed them in places of water gatherings in coordination with the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation in North Sinai.

An Egyptian governorate is sinking (photos)

The governor directed the city councils to purify the rain drain rooms at the governorate level and to ensure that there are no obstacles in those rooms, in addition to distributing water suction pumps in places of water gatherings that do not have rain drainage rooms, while making sure that these pumps are ready.

The governor stressed that car owners should not park under any large banners during strong winds, and also stressed citizens not to approach electricity poles or electricity transformers during rain.about:blank

The governor also directed the North Sinai Traffic Department to provide alternative ways for cars to pass and bypass roads with large water gatherings, and roads that are cut off during torrential rains in the central Sinai region.

For his part, Brigadier General Osama Al-Ghandour, Secretary-General of the governorate, confirmed the readiness of the water-sweeping vehicles and crisis equipment in the Water Company to face the expected wave of rain and torrential rain, and the distribution of these vehicles and equipment in places of water gatherings in coordination with city councils.

The Governorate’s Secretary General directed the Electricity Company, in coordination with city councils, to cut off electricity to lighting poles and transformers located in water gathering places, so that a short circuit does not occur in order to preserve the lives of citizens.

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