US federal authorities fined travelers about a quarter of a million dollars!

The US federal authorities have imposed fines on 10 passengers, amounting to about a quarter of a million dollars, for shouting, spitting, pushing and punching on commercial flights

The FAA’s fines total $225,287, the second-largest announcement of fines for disruptive travelers since the agency implemented a zero-tolerance policy earlier this year.

Officials have proposed fines of more than $1.45 million for passengers accused of these actions.

The Federal Aviation Administration fined a Southwest Airlines passenger more than $26,000 for punching a flight attendant on a May 5 flight, which later “required medical attention.”

Flight crews have reported 5,114 passenger runaway accidents since the beginning of this year. Federal Aviation Administration data shows that more than 70% of accidents have been caused by face masks.about:blank

Last week, the FAA announced that 37 of the most serious cases had been referred to federal prosecutors, as the department does not have the authority to file criminal cases, only to assess civil fines of up to $37,000.

Source: CNN

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