The emergence of a new center for the outbreak of Corona in China, and new infections were recorded throughout the country

Chinese official data showed that the number of Corona virus infections in Dalian continues to grow, making it a new epicenter of the epidemic after Heihe City was the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Chinese authorities detected 52 new infections with the Corona virus in the coastal city of Dalian, northeastern Liaoning Province, compared to 21 cases, 17 cases, and 5 cases, in the previous three days.

Before Dalian, the city of Heihe, bordering the Russian province of Blagoveshchensk, was the epicenter of the virus’s spread within the country, and the epidemic was contained as a result of the implementation of strict closures in the city.

According to media reports, Shenyang has also implemented a “zero COVID” strategy, whereby foreign travelers are quarantined for 56 days.

The New York Times reported that the Chinese authorities will impose a quarantine on travelers in a hotel for a period of no less than 28 days, during which they will be tested for the Corona virus seven times.

Today, Friday, China announced the registration of 98 new confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus throughout the country during the past 24 hours, compared to 62 the previous day.

And she said in a statement that 79 of the new infections were transmitted locally, compared to 47 the day before, and that the number of new asymptomatic infections reached 35, which is the same number that was recorded the previous day. China does not classify these cases as confirmed cases.

The total number of confirmed infections with the Corona virus as of Thursday on the Chinese mainland reached 98,099, while the number of deaths remains constant at 4,636.

Source: agencies

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