Merkel warns that the Corona pandemic is not over and calls for preventive measures to combat it

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the “Covid-19” pandemic is not over yet, calling on the countries of the world to learn how to quickly take preventive measures to combat it.

“In the first stage, we dealt with the spread of the virus with great success, but soon we realized that the biggest challenge is the ability to act quickly and proactively to take preventive measures,” Merkel added in her statements to the business forum, as part of the APEC Leaders Week, which was held via videoconference, today, Friday. Once the number of cases increases sharply (rapid confrontation in case of high injuries).

And she continued, “Unfortunately, Germany is now witnessing the fourth wave, and we are recording a significant increase in the number of infected people. We must understand that this is not the end, but rather we must learn to predict its growth (the spread of the virus and the increase in infections) and understand the mechanism of acting preventively (and preventing it),” This has been and remains for me the most difficult thing during this pandemic.”

In her speech, the outgoing German chancellor also noted the importance of the international community’s commitments made at the Glasgow Climate Summit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stressed the need to implement them scrupulously in order to “build a carbon-neutral future” as soon as possible.

Source: TASS

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