FBI warns US companies of Iranian hackers stealing sensitive data

CNN reported that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned US companies of Iranian hackers looking for sensitive data stolen from US and foreign organizations.

In a warning report sent to American companies, the FBI said that “hackers have infiltrated the dark web of cybercriminals, which usually publish data such as stolen emails, and other private information as a result of hacking operations, which may be useful to Iranian hackers.”

“If your organization has already been compromised, the FBI recommends that you consider any data that could be used to conduct further malicious activities against your organization’s network,” the report said.

The report did not clarify the identity of the Iranian hackers behind this activity, and the FBI did not identify the hackers by name and did not say whether they were linked to the Iranian government or not.

“Hackers linked to the Iranian government have increasingly been involved in cybercrime activities, such as ransomware, as a way to blur the lines between state and non-state cyber operations,” Adam Myers, senior vice president of intelligence at security firm CrowdStrike, told CNN.

“One of the Iranian groups’ modus operandi is to buy access to networks maintained by a criminal group, if that serves their interests,” he explained.

Source: CNN

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