Embarrassing video of the Prime Minister of New Zealand .. “Do you suffer like me”

The wind seems to have gone against the wishes of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden during the filming of a Facebook Live.

She was embarrassed while addressing her fellow citizens from home, through her Facebook account, two days ago, assuming that she was safe.

However, her 3-year-old daughter quickly interrupted her, so the New Zealand woman had to temporarily interrupt her speech, apologizing to her followers, and asking, “Do you suffer like me…Do you have to put your children to bed 3 times, for example…”

Talk about Delta!

While she was intending to talk about the rise in the number of corona infection in the country, explaining and explaining its causes, she was forced to stop the broadcast, apologizing once more to the listeners, and promising to return again, after putting the little girl to her bed!

It is noteworthy that New Zealand faced great difficulties this year (2021) in combating the highly contagious mutated Delta strain of Corona, which prompted the Prime Minister to switch from the strategy to reduce the spread of the virus by imposing closures and moving towards coexistence with the virus with the intensification of vaccination operations.

While it announced last month (October) that teachers and medical workers will be obligated to receive the full vaccination, which sparked criticism from those calling for more freedoms and an end to the obligation to receive vaccinations in the country

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