Gemstones are a source of funding for the Taliban movement

A seller of gemstones in Hawaii discovered that a rare stone from Afghanistan had turned into a source of funding for the “Taliban” movement that took control of the country and is seeking to gain international legitimacy.

According to Teen Vogue, the American website , Julie Abuzilov , who demands disclosure of the sources of diamonds, owns an online crystal store and sells gemstones. She says that this stone is called “Lapis Lazurite” and it is a heavenly blue stone used for decoration, and most of it comes from the mountains of Afghanistan. 

Abuzilov confirmed that “the stone is extracted almost exclusively from the depths of the earth in the valleys of Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan, and is currently being used to finance the Taliban, which prompted it to stop selling it on its Instagram site.”

According to the site, stone sellers cannot be sure that their resources go to the “Taliban” treasury, but with the movement’s control of power, and the start of the exploitation of gemstone mines again, its sales decreased after a number of electronic stores stopped importing it for fear of “Taliban” appropriating the funds. .

The report indicated that even under the control of the previous government, the “Taliban” was imposing taxes on stone mining in the areas it controls, and the report quoted a source in Badakhshan that 70 percent of the profits of the stone were benefited by the “Taliban” in 2016.

Abuzilov confirmed that she is committed to the Kimberley Initiative, a global initiative to encourage transparency and oversight in the industry to prevent the sale of conflict diamonds, which the United States also committed to in 2003.

Source: Teen Vogue

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