Experts explain why Corona virus “attacks” Europe again

German health authorities announced a record increase in the daily number of new infections with the Corona virus, since the epidemic appeared nearly two years ago, according to figures issued by the “Robert Koch Institute”.

And the German Health Institute recorded , on Wednesday, about 40,000 new infections, while the Russian health authorities recorded , on Tuesday, the highest death toll since the beginning of the epidemic, with 1,211 deaths within one day, bringing the total number of deaths to about a quarter of a million.

And on the impact of these “shocking” numbers and statistics in both Russia and Germany, two of the largest countries on the European continent, the World Health Organization warned that the pace of transmission of Corona infection in Europe is “very worrying” at the present time, which could lead to the registration of half a million deaths. Additional on the continent by next February.

Health experts attribute the significant increase in injuries and deaths over the past few weeks, in many countries of the European continent, to the relatively slow vaccination processes, as official figures show that 70 percent of the population in Germany, for example, received all doses of the vaccine.

They point out that most of the infected patients in intensive care units are unvaccinated, while their numbers are rising steadily.

In addition, laxity and complacency in preventive measures, such as social distancing and not wearing masks, are in turn the causes of this new epidemic wave looming on the European horizon.

In this context, Hans Kluge, Regional Director for Europe at the World Health Organization, says: “We have once again become the epicenter of the pandemic. 19 in Europe by February.

The number of daily deaths and infections with the emerging coronavirus has recorded a remarkable increase for 6 consecutive weeks in Europe, and the new rise is recorded, especially in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Germany.

This comes amid warnings that winter, which is approaching, will bring with it a new wave of the epidemic in Europe, especially since Christmas and New Year celebrations, in the absence of controls, will contribute to a wide spread of the disease, according to what observers warn.

In this context, doctor Dr. Zamo Bakhtiar said, in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “The spread of the virus in this terrible way in Europe is reflected in a danger to all continents and regions around the world, in addition to the population density in Europe , it is in its geographical location between those continents, and what It is characterized by its economic, political and tourist weight, which makes it a link between the world and one another, and this automatically means the reflection of this epidemic wave on all parts of the globe.”

He added, “Despite the availability of enormous medical and economic capabilities and capabilities in the countries of Europe, to confront a more resolute and successful one with the deadly virus, but unfortunately there are fundamental gaps in the European ways of dealing with the pandemic.”

He pointed out, “Sometimes there is a conflict between the methods of treatment and response to the pandemic.”

He stressed that it would have been “more useful to formulate a unified health policy at the level of the European Union , as this country adopts a herd immunity policy and that one adopts closure and a third between, and in the end we see how there is a general European failure in the face of Covid-19

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