An Australian man miraculously rids himself of the jaws of a crocodile

A 60-year-old Australian escaped the jaws of a marine crocodile nearly four meters long, by repeatedly stabbing it in the head with a pocket knife, while dragging it into the waters of a river, local authorities announced Wednesday.

Livestock protection officials said the man “has a chance of surviving” after this terrifying attack on the bank of an isolated river in Cape York Peninsula in the far north of Australia .

“There was a confrontation and he luckily escaped from the jaws of the crocodile , which is between four meters and four and a half metres,” said Matt Brian of the Queensland Department of Environment , noting that “the chances of doing so are almost non-existent.”

The man went hunting last week on his land near Hope Falls, about a five-hour drive from Cairns, and drove a bull from the riverbank to be able to position himself. And then the sixty Australian was attacked by a crocodile .]

In a statement, the ministry indicated that the man “said that he saw the crocodile seconds before the attack, and it knocked him down while he was about to throw his hook.”

The fisherman grabbed a tree branch in a desperate attempt to stay out of the river while the crocodile clenched its jaws against its boots.

But he quickly lost the battle and the animal dragged him into the river.

The man pointed out that, after entering the water, he succeeded in pulling out a knife that he was placing on his waist and made several stab wounds to the crocodile’s head until he let go.

Then the sixty fisherman came out of the river and went to a hospital in Cooktown, where he received treatment, before being transferred to a hospital in Cairns, where he is still recovering a week after the accident

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