France : mandatory wearing masks in all primary schools

The French Ministry of Education announced, on Tuesday, the re-introduction of the mandatory wearing of masks in all primary schools throughout the country, starting next Monday, in a decision aimed at limiting the spread of the Corona virus.

The ministry said in a statement that, as of next Monday, all provinces of the country will move to the second level of the health protocol (…) with the return of wearing masks by all ” primary stage ” students , after this measure was limited until today to provinces that record high levels of infection. virus.

In September, the French government announced the end of the mandatory wearing of masks in primary schools in areas with low levels of infection with the Corona virus 

And last week, the government announced that the mandatory wearing of masks in primary schools will be limited to “the provinces where, unfortunately, the infection rate has returned to more than 50 injuries per 100,000 people.”

The decision of the Ministry of Education came shortly after President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech to the nation, in which he addressed the health situation in the country, in light of the return of the curve of Corona infections to rise.

In his speech, the French president said that “the fifth wave in Europe began in the United Kingdom , in Germany, where more than 30,000 additional new infections are recorded every day.”

As Macron reassured that “the situation in France is better”, he warned that the rate of HIV infections in the country rose in one week by 40 percen

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