Ford unveils its latest competitor to the Camry

Ford revealed the design of the new Mondeo, which will be a strong competition for the Camry cars introduced by Toyota this year.

In terms of appearance, the new vehicle differs significantly from the Mondeo cars that were launched last year, as it gained an impression of strength through the design of its front facades and the curves that became more prominent on the hood.

The chassis has also become more streamlined in this car, and Ford provided it with 19-inch wide wheels, and a small aerodynamic spoiler at the rear of the trunk to increase stability at high speeds.

The body of the car was 4 meters long and 93 centimeters long, 187 centimeters wide, and 150 centimeters high, and the distance between the axles of the wheels increased to 294 centimeters.Ford unveils its latest competitor to the Camryyoutube/Cruise Control Global

The new Mondeo is equipped with the latest multimedia systems, a cornering stability control system, a cruise control system during travel, a blind spot system to avoid accidents, light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras, seat heating and cooling systems, engine start system and remote air conditioning.

Ford unveils its latest competitor to the Camry

Ford will offer it with 2.0-liter turbocharged engines capable of generating torque equivalent to 238 horsepower, and the car will work with a front-wheel drive system and seven-speed automatic gearboxes.

Source: moto1

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