Threats to Ethiopia’s Jews… Evacuation process divides Israel

Political and military voices are rising inside Israel, to demand the expulsion of nearly 8,000 Ethiopian Jews (the Falasha), and their evacuation to the Hebrew state, in light of the tense military situation between the Tigray rebels and the country’s central government.

Some in Israel demanded that this expulsion take place at any cost, even if it required military intervention, or led to a political and diplomatic crisis between Israel and Ethiopia .

The Israeli Minister of Integration Pnina Tamano Shata, who is of Ethiopian descent, insisted that Israel carry out this operation, whatever the cost, she said.

The scheme adopted by the Israeli governments earlier was for the recruitment of Ethiopian Jews during the year 2022, but the minister belonging to the “Blue and White” party in the Israeli government, threatened to withdraw from the ruling government coalition if the government did not respond quickly to this demand.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Army Radio announced , on Monday morning, the existence of a political crisis between the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Army in Israel on the one hand, and the Israeli Ministry of Integration and members of the Ethiopian community in Israel, on the other.

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported information that the Israeli authorities were subjected to a deception operation by dozens of Ethiopians in recent weeks, when they claimed that they were Jews and needed urgent transfer from Ethiopian lands, and then the Israeli authorities confirmed that this was not true, but after their arrival in Israel.

The incident increased the concern of the Israeli government, because it cannot, in light of this difficult military and security situation, be sure of the identity of the approximately 8000 thousand Ethiopian Jews who are still there, especially since the Ethiopian side cannot carry out accurate and transparent cooperation with Israel at the present time, as it was doing During previous evictions carried out by Israel of Ethiopian Jews.

political and social agenda

Researcher Manara Al-Hassan explains in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, how there are different political and social wings within Israel regarding what the Israeli authorities should do during the current period and focus on it, while the military and intelligence parties in Israel seek to focus effort on the file. Iran as a political and military core.

She added that the local communities seek to entrench in Israel several tasks and obligations towards the Jewish communities in various countries of the world, while the current coalition government headed by Naftali Bennett seeks to balance the two approaches.

The government is keen on this approach in order to preserve its political unity, and not to create any internal crisis in Israel, but the division is double for the Ethiopian community, because it is one of the groups that say they feel oppressed and marginalized within Israeli society.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning to Israeli citizens against traveling to Ethiopia, including Israelis of Ethiopian descent, stressing that it will present a detailed report on the military situation in Ethiopia during the government session scheduled for Monday evening.

The general budget in Israel, which was approved a few days ago, included a provision to help the Israelis of Ethiopian descent and increase their integration levels.

The item allocates 156 million Israeli shekels (about 50 million dollars) for that task, while observers expect that a large part of the amount will be allocated to the process of evacuating Ethiopian Jews.

For decades, various Israeli governments have sought to attract and evacuate Ethiopian Jews to Israel, especially after the year 1990, when the annual average was about 2,000 people per year. Of the approximately 100,000 Jews who lived in Ethiopia, only about 8,000 remain

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