The Investigative Committee on “The Capitol Storm” Summons Six of Trump’s Insiders

On Monday, a US House of Representatives committee announced the issuance of six subpoenas against former US President Donald Trump campaign officials, CNN reported . 

The Parliamentary Committee is specialized in investigating the events of the storming of the US Capitol by Trump loyalists on the sixth of last January, and preventing the holding of a session to ratify the results of the presidential elections.

The subpoenas come as part of the committee’s efforts to collect testimonies and documents from witnesses linked to the Trump campaign in his quest to win a new term, who is accused by the committee of promoting news of “fraud” in the elections after losing to current US President Joe Biden.

The subpoenas included Trump 2020 campaign manager William Stebbin, former top campaign adviser Jason Miller, John Eastman, the attorney who helped craft Trump’s argument that the election was “stolen”, and Michael Flynn, who participated in a meeting about how the Trump campaign wanted about Election results, Angela McCallum, national executive assistant to the Trump re-election campaign, and Bernard Kerik, who participated in a meeting at the Willard Hotel that centered on the election results.

All six individuals are required to provide the commission with documents on November 23, with a deadline of mid-December. 

“The select committee needs to know every detail about these individuals’ efforts to nullify the election result, including who they were speaking at the White House and Congress, and what connections they had to the rioting rallies,” said Penny Thompson, the chair of the Congressional Investigative Committee. And who paid for it all.” 

“The select committee expects all witnesses to cooperate with our investigation as we work to get answers to the American people, recommend changes to our laws that strengthen our democracy, and help ensure that nothing like January 6 ever happens,” Thompson added.

It is the first round of subpoenas issued by the committee since the House of Representatives asked the Justice Department to pursue criminal contempt charges against Trump ally Steve Bannon for defying a congressional order to appear and testify.

Lawyers Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, as well as Steve Bannon, a close ally of the former president, met at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, very close to the White House, before and after the attack on Capitol Hill by thousands of Trump supporters.

They are suspected of having secured, along with other Republican officials, the connection between the White House and groups that participated in the large demonstration that raised the slogan “Stop the theft” (the elections), according to the House Special Investigation Committee, which wants to prosecute Bannon for refusing to testify.

The explanations of the 67-year-old former adviser, who was one of the architects of Trump’s victory in 2016, are essential to understanding what the former president was doing on the day of the attack.

Parliamentarians suspect that Bannon played a role “in the process of communicating with the ‘stop the robbery’ campaign that motivated the attack” on the Capitol, and that he “participated in the incidents of that day” from the crisis cell at the Willard Hotel, according to the American network.

CNN had previously reported that Eastman wrote an email blaming then-Vice President Mike Pence for causing the violence at the Capitol by refusing to prevent Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 election as the riots were taking place. 

The network indicated that the committee is interested in learning more about Eastman’s role in trying to overturn the election results. 

As for Angela McCallum, the committee believes that her role as national executive assistant to Trump’s re-election campaign may have made her aware of the campaign’s efforts to disseminate and participate in false information about voter fraud in the presidential election. 

As for Michael Flynn, who served as Trump’s first national security adviser and has remained a staunch ally of the former president since his dismissal in 2017, the network reported allegations that he attended the Oval Office meeting, in December 2020, where participants discussed confiscating voting machines, declaring a national emergency, and continuing to publish False message that “the November 2020 elections were marred by widespread fraud.”

In the subpoena letter to Miller, the committee believes, according to CNN, that the former senior advisor used his position in the Trump campaign orbit to spread lies about election fraud, as well as attending the January 5 meeting at the Willard Hotel. 

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