Norway .. Police kill a man who was threatening to stab passers-by

Police in the Norwegian capital Oslo have killed a man who was threatening passersby with a knife before assaulting security forces, local television network NRK reported. 

“The man who was threatening pedestrians in the Bislet area, who was shot by the police, died of his wounds,” the network reported, adding that the police had no information indicating that the perpetrator had associates.

And Norwegian media revealed that a passerby noticed a man in the street with a knife, and reported it to the police. The members of the security patrol that arrived at the scene tried to remove the man from the road, but the culprit opened the door of their car and assaulted them and wounded one of the policemen, and the security men had no choice but to shoot him.

According to NRK, the security services have launched an investigation to reveal the motives of the perpetrator, and they do not currently have evidence to support the hypothesis of a terrorist background behind the actions of the man who was known to the police.

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