Norway : Dead knife man previously convicted of attempted murder

The man who was shot and killed by the police at Bislett was convicted in December last year of stabbing a man and chopping after several others at Ankerbrua in Oslo in 2019.

The man in his 30s – a Russian citizen from Chechnya – was in December 2020 sentenced to compulsory mental health care by the Oslo District Court for the incidents at Ankerbrua in June 2019.

The man was shot by police on Tuesday morning. Some time later, the police confirmed that he died from the injuries.

VG is at the man’s address, which is in the immediate vicinity of where the incident took place. The police have entered, and forensic technicians are also in place.

During a press conference on Tuesday morning, police inspector Egil Jørgen Brekke states that they have identified the man, but that they do not currently want to say anything more about his identity. He further says that the relatives have not been notified.

– We do not rule out any motives, but there is currently no information in the case that indicates that it is a terrorist incident, Brekke says.

– For us, this appears as a single action, so there is no reason to fear for the safety of the city. This is a person who is known from us from the past, and we assume that it is not an act of terrorism.

It was on the morning of June 2019 that the man in his 30s from Chechnya attacked a man at Ankerbrua in Oslo, which is right near where he lived at the time.

He stabbed the man in the back once, and tried to stab him several times – without success, according to the verdict. He was convicted of attempted murder for stabbing on the bridge.Dramatic arrest: Police fire with electroshock weaponsVolume 32% 

There were many witnesses to the dramatic event at Ankerbrua. The Chechen was also convicted of five other counts of threatening to run after or stabbed people with the knife.

The verdict from the Oslo District Court also states that he was convicted of disturbing peace and order when he ran after people in a self-inflicted intoxication and with a knife in his hand and roared.

He was also convicted of setting fire to property in his apartment earlier that day.

INVESTIGATOR: Forensic scientists and police in place at the dead man’s address. Photo: Hanna Hjardar

For these incidents, the Chechen was sentenced in November 2020 to compulsory mental health care, as the court ruled he was not sane at the time of the crime.

The verdict states that the man has been through several forensic psychiatric examinations, and in court the experts stood by their assessment that he was psychotic at the time of the action.Here he waves with a knifeVolume 32% 

According to the head of operations in the police, Torgeir Brenden, the man was about to stab a person when the police tried to drive him down on Tuesday morning.

– He was about to attack people on the street when the police came and had it stopped, he says.

In a video VG has gained access to, you hear that six shots are fired. Brenden says the police must return to the reason why shots were fired.

– Shots were fired in connection with the arrest. The perpetrator actively tried to get into the police car, he says.

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